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Elevens fridag


Elevens fridag (P-dag for lærere)


9A/B: Husk å øve litt hver dag til NATURFAGPRØVA på TIRSDAG 28.11


Written task about rugby


Written task about Rugby.

Aim: to use the words you have learned in a meaningful text.


Choose one of the tasks:

  1. Rugby and American football share many similarities. Find out what they have in common and how they differ. Write a text where you explain your classmates the difference between rugby and American football. Use as many words from the wordlist as possible.
  2. You are a newspaper journalist who is going to cover the Regional Rugby Tournament for Girls. Write a report for your School’s newspaper. Use as many words from the wordlist as possible.


You may use the dictionary ORDNETT  in Moodle.

Write the text in a word document. Upload the file in Moodle, even if you haven't finished it.

Font: Calibri

Size: 12