| søndag, 11 februar 2018 |

Reflection on Inuits' lives


The Inuits share a gruesome story with Native people in USA, Australia and Norway. Write a short text in which you describe some of these horrible acts against them, and where you reflect on their life situations then and now.

Word limit: minimum 300, maximum 500.

You will get feedback on your ability to use reflection on this issue.

Useful questions you can ask yourself while answering the task:

•  Is there a better solution to...
•      Judge the value of...
•      Do you think ... is a good or a bad thing?
•      How would you have handled...?
•      What changes to ... would you recommend?
•      Do you believe?
•      How would you feel if...?
•      How effective are...?
•      What do you think about...?